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CD15 Working Group on Homelessness is Hosting the Homeless Solutions Forum and it is scheduled for Thursday night, 10/18 from 7-9pm At Freedom Hall, WLCAC- 10950 Central Ave., LA 90002 (Drive to back of parking lot. On right side)

Please come with your solutions. There are no bad ideas at this Watts Homeless Solutions Forum held on October 18th at 6:45pm. A Bridge Home is being considered for 2316 E. Imperial Highway, Watts.

This temporary bridge housing is designed specifically to serve people who live in encampments in the community surrounding the site, who will be identified during a period of outreach. The City is bringing in additional sanitation and enforcement services to ensure that the streets surrounding the sites remain safe and clean.

How are you deciding where to put the bridge housing? The City is primarily looking at lots it already owns — that are at least 20,000 square feet in size and located near dense homeless encampments. But before a site is officially chosen, it is assessed by engineers to ensure that it’s an appropriate place to put temporary housing, and that it’s equipped with the necessary water, power, and sewage connections.

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